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Welcome to Shaw En's blog(:
Me, Myself & I :D
Name; Chew Shaw En
Age; 13
DOB; 150396
Class; NCHS, 2A
CCA; Chinese Dance(:

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Friday, April 16, 2010

okay so i have abandoned my blog for the past two months :b sorry blog.
but nevermind i just want to post now cause pp was just over a week ago.
That was a pretty fun and exciting day,
though we were very busy LOL.
everyone cried and it was sad
cause the seniors are going.
and that was their last dance.
sec twos are really really sad that they had to go
even those from other CCAs.
cause just to say that we will miss you alot.

though i have known you seniors for barely two years
and I am not very close to all seniors, only some
but i want to thank all the seniors for taking care of us
this year and the last.
and making the dance lessons enjoyable.
i would miss you scolding us LOL.
and other small stuff.
it was only nearing the public performance
when we realised that you guys are stepping down already.
so some sec twos started to try and find more chances,
for spending more time with seniors .
and it was by that time where we were more brave,
to start to talk to sec four seniors.
it would be sad when you are gone,
so seniors hae to some back to dance and visit us sometime!^^

today i ran till i got stitches. rawr.
sports day aint a joke ppl.
and YAY. i got my first medal today!
so happy yeahs. but that emotion,
horridly clashed with the news of the class cheer.
not one sec two got into the top three.
of course the sec three seniors are awesome,
but it cant be that not one sec two didnt even get third.
this shld be left for forum debate xD LOL.
anw, red house ROCKS ttm.
red house ke-ma-ma!
ole ole ahh ahh!
red house ke-ma-ma!
ole ole ahh ahh!
shake it out!
shake it out!
shake it out!
Eee bah!
for the Chinese dance relay,
Jiani, Ching Yi, Agnes and Sheryl was great.
cause of them we got first place in relay!
Sheryl is like super fast can :b
yepp. so the teachers practically shouted at us.
just cause we didnt listen to them immediately.
they ownself never plan properly just shout at us.
and everyone just ran finish tired and thirsty,
but the teachers shouted at us anyway==
i got to touch the flag. like literally my house flag, and let it fly in the wind LOL.
that's like (wow)
its the kind of excitement like you get to wear the school's blazer for the first time
and you wuld feel impt HAHA.
heng i never drop the flag :b
i was very childish leh :b
the other houses' seniors just took their flag and stood there, so cool yeah.
so i was the only one kid that bothered trying to make the flag catch the wind xD
but course luhh need to show that red house flies above the rest xD HAHA.
today so fun lor. next year wuld be better xD

after this post, im most probably gonna abandon my blog again LOLS. lazy post luhhs. so yeah xD seeya ppl!

2:26 AM
Friday, February 12, 2010

First im gonna give a very BIG thanks to VALARIE TEO SI MIN cause she's awesome!xD thanks for making my blogskin dey! :D credits!xD

Attention ppl, there's still lotsa stuff that happened these few days that havn't suan zhang properly yet... but > OMG i just saw that cadury eyebrow advert and it was crazy weird....<>

Today was CNY celebration day
Got lotsa goodies for valentines day!
performance was AWESOME right? ^^
Yeahs, weird that i continued smiling at the ppl,
who were laughing at us but who cares? im too happy xD
Super fun cans, all the grads came back and it was very re nao
Ppl was s'duper s'high.
WOOHOO. i got chocolate!

VALENTINE's DAY is GREAT :] rock valentine rock! xD


5:47 AM
Friday, February 5, 2010

Here to revive my blog, too sian to blog, now chionging 'Hi My Sweetheart' on youtube xD 2A.C.O.A. ROCKS YEAH! super enthu! everyone was sooooo excited to learn tha dance mans, we high until roof can break alr LOLS. These few days esp. and i think we alr starting to disturb 3A above :b SRY xD drag tha tables to the sides and practised with music blasting from speakers, during PC lesson relief chers say wun confiscate xD HAHA. den we thought that sittin wif tables at the side veh fun so nxt day go sit in that position! teachers complain, we bargain, ended up making a racket at the cluctered sittin positions den have a big empty space in the middle xD cheered and clapped at any high moment plus play that new invented game xD and also,

Happy birthday to VALARIE; DESPO <3>
may you hug that huge hamburger soft toy everyday xD HAHA.

every single period we took to singing Val birthday song[S] xD first eng version, then chi version. and the cycle repeats LOLS. until teacher, threatens/scolds/or cannot take it xD OMG, Lai lao shi even sang SOLO for her!!! chinese teacher sing english super weird! HAHA but he ROCKS cause he cancelled the ting xie today, megod, everyone burst into woots and appause with MAX volume! den MH started shouting 'lao shi !!! ' we screamed ' WAN SUI !!!' HAHA. so united rite! banged tables, laughing our heads off and total highness xD continued till teacher started to sing LOL xD AHHHH. 2A is super'st mad'ts high'st!


5:44 AM
Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two weeks of school and the homework's starting to get to me :b Sec one camp was fun, but lots from council lost their voices shouting :b looking after sec ones have proven to be super tiring, LOLS. sleep like pig when got back home xD RAWR. had alot of hmwk, so had to chiong homework frenzy on Sunday . Shouldnt have called the fifteen of tha sec 3s to plan it when they were gonna choose 9 in the end. i mean... they did so so so much stuff and some ended up not gettin chosen D: the past week was a blur, speedy. Mon: cant rmb much. Tues there was mass pe and CD audition xD mass pe was like so many ppl laugh laugh laugh -.- funny mehhs??? Wed: Blast PC lesson :b i got pulled into a black hole by ms chin xD plus she said i was QUIET. OMG, the GODLY WORD. used on me?! hahhas xD then i go clarify with her LOLS. Thurs: Audition, Danced. Fri: Had half day leave cause last year sec fours did super well in 'O' levels!xD they rock! xD so many ppl so proud of NCHS now, we're a band one school! WOOTS:] my class had science sub, then ms chin do her super teaching xD hahhas :] science is fun!!!xD after camp got alot of weird stuff happenin so well, juniors, dont or stop doing anything weird okays.... :]

byebye and seeyou guys xD


12:55 AM
Friday, January 1, 2010

Okay, the only reason i do short posts is that i dun want ppl to think that my blog is dead :b And i havent had much time with the com since i was rushing homework ... But im proud to announce that i have finished all my homework!!!xD okay, maybe close an eye on one summary...xD hehe.
Remember, Life is short, break the rules, forgive and forget quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that have made you smile :] run run run and never look back cause everyone's with you all the way. Friends are the siblings that you choose, the ones who gives you hilarious moments and the sad . So dont ever lose them to anyone, cause everyone needs a listening ear, a helping hand, a pat on the back, and a shoulder to lean on. last but not least, live life without any regret.
Here's a rundown on what this blog have missed xD ...>>>
Friday was New Year's Eve and i celebrated it with THF :] first time i had end of year party and it was super fun at Lao ma's house xD too bad i had to go back early xP doggy keep barking at me! not my fault lorhhs, just because it likes me alot xD HAHA. they played mahjong, i help jean. LOLS, Lyon, Danston and Gerald very hyper, super funny. then end up Desmond oways win :b ate and talked talked talked xD the guys ended up gettin a lil drunk, accept jazin who was very drunk. LOL. :]

Playing Mahjong.

Ah Gong xD

Last Sunday was our hip hop performance, and United Elements was great yeahh!xD Everyone made a bomb outta their hair! It was so COOL! black eyeliner, eyeshadow,blusher... the typical Gothic look xD sprayed hair with glitter LOL. so rare to da ban like that lorhhs! we'll neva makeup like that especially in CD. So Lo-And-Behold!These are the photos of us!xD

United Elements!

TheTwins xD

The Girls

Me n Theresa





Jean and me

Gerald bully me!xD

Arm Sock starstars


10:06 PM
Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL PEOPLE BIG SMALL FAR AND WIDE xD All the best to the DUA family, TheHengFamily, and United Elements all the way!!!^^

Its the end of this story, but the start of another one.

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8:14 AM
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hip Hop till you DROP :b sooo tiring, the practice ytd xD AHHHHHH LOLs.

And a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my great friend JESSICA!xD six dollars guarantee plus chop on chinese new year day! :b IDC xD hahhas!



2:14 AM